COVID-19 Updates

An updated statement was released by the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) on May 5th that assured sleep service providers that elective procedures such as home based sleep studies could be recommenced with limited capcity as directed by state health agencies. 

Sleep Testing Australia plans to slowly reintroduce face-to-face sleep studies over the next number of weeks, providing health agencies continue to ease restrictions. 

Our new in-home telehealth assisted setup will continue to be an option for patients preferring this model of service. 

Social distancing policies, screening questionnaires and additional infection control precautions are still being taken at all clinics as per the guidance from state governments and the Australian department of health. 

Sleep Testing Australia is enforcing strict stay-at-home policies for staff, unless essential work is needed to be carried out on site.

Check back here for updates on this current situation.