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NDIS and Home Care Package subsidies for CPAP

Sleep Testing Australia is the diagnostic services division of Australia’s largest independent CPAP retailer CPAP Direct. CPAP Direct has provided pensioners and people with disabilities CPAP therapy equipment and support Australia wide, as an NDIS and HCP provider.

A dedicated team of clinicians work with NDIS recipients, NDIS plan managers, doctor’s and occupational therapist’s to assess patients’ existing equipment and apply for updated equipment to be supplied by the NDIS when applicable.

For those patients over ‘Age Pension’ age approved by ACAT for a Home Care Package, CPAP Direct will provide an assessment of their existing equipment and recommendations on what needs to be replaced and serviced. We also provide free assistance and reviews in store or through our support team.

If you are eligible for a Age Pension Homecare Package or NDIS support package and have sleep apnoea or a nocturnal hypoventilation disorder, talk with your care coordinator about the potential for CPAP or oxygen subsidies as part of your package.