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Sleep Testing Australia arrives in Biloela!

Take a 90 minute drive inland from Gladstone and you reach the charming town of Biloela. Having a clinic in Gladstone our team at Sleep Testing Australia was well aware of the high demand for sleep services not only in Biloela but the many townships surrounding it like Moura, Theodore and Banana.

With that in mind, we set out to establish a specialist sleep diagnostic service in Biloela as a means to ease the burden on the local GPs and of course the many patients that previously had to make the journey east to the coast.

We are pleased and excited to have opened our Biloela sleep testing clinic this week. Please come in and say hello to our store manager Jenny who will be happy to assist you with sorting out your sleep!

CPAP Direct | Sleep Testing Australia, Biloela

50 Callide Street
Biloela QLD 4715


Referrals are being accepted now, via Medical Objects, email or e-fax.

F: 1300 298 161
MO: Sleep Testing, Australia