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Thank you for submitting your risk assessment form.

Information Sheet & Risk Assessment Form
for preparation prior to your overnight home sleep study setup.

We’re delighted to see you for your upcoming appointment at Sleep Testing Australia. We kindly ask that you take note of the below checklist to complete prior to arrival at our clinic.


Shower and do not use moisturisers

This helps adhesives tabs stick better also you will not be able to shower after the setup.

Remove nail polish / acrylic nails from at least 1 finger

This is for the oxygen sensor that goes on your finger.

Dress in comfortable, loose clothing you can wear to bed

To ensure the equipment can be put on over a bed shirt comfortably.

Bring a jacket to wear home over the sleep testing equipment

The testing equipment has a number of leads and a jacket helps to protect them from displacement

Medication List

Have a list of all medications as the technician may ask you for them.